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Nazpev web design
Project: Dental Bio Informatics

It is a secondary database of human tooth development.

Project: Flow Clinical

FlowClinical conducts the healthcare orchestra

Project: Caisson Builders

Top-notch building consulting and high-end project development company

Project: Carbomatinc

CARBOMAT Inc. specializes in developing a less Green House Gas intensive process for producing carbon fibers.

Project: Kibria Lab

Kibria Lab is a Sustainable Energy Laboratory of University of Calgary, Canada. 

Project: Branch Mum LLC

Branch Mum LLC, USA (An e-commerce website

Project: Iminning Tuberia Industrial

Iminning Tuberia Industrial is a Chilean company. which supplies industrial pipes for construction, agriculture, mining, and other sectors.

Project: Bibek Aid Foundation

Bibek Aid Foundation is a Canada-based charity organization. Nazpev developed a website for Bibek Aid Foundation.

Project: Club Power Padel Machalí

Power Padel Machalí club is located in Machalí, Chile. It has a quiet environment, away from busy streets, and a country atmosphere with a nice view of the hills and mountains

Project: Sakuron Japan

Sakuron is a Product reviews website based on amazon products.

Project: 4promo (Affiliated website)

4promo is an amazon affiliate website. This is a Dynamic auto product imported website 

Project: JHS Maintenance

JHS Maintenance Group, USA,

Project: Eco Friendly Advisor

Eco Friendly Advisor is an informative website for environment friendly products and daily life.

Project: Car Parts Mechanic

Best car parts reviews website.

Project: Party Bands Rus

Party Bands Rus wordpress ecommerce website design

Project: Morningstar Maids

Cleaning services wordpress website design 

Project: Car Battery Guides

Car Battery Guides LLC, USA (Automotive Battery-related Website

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