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Recently, we have completed a project. The project name is- Eco-friendly Advisor website development project. The Ecofriendly Advisor is a website that aims to provide information, reviews on eco-friendly products, organic food products, beauty products, and sustainable technologies. The expert team of eco-friendly advisor aspires to make an impact on environmental protection, information source of organic products.

Due to the high emissions from fossil fuels and industrial flue gas, the planet’s temperature is increasing. The ices of the north pole and south pole are melting. As a result, the level of ocean water is increasing. We need to pull up this growing trend of emissions from different sources to save the planet. On the other hand, the number of draughts, flood incidents, cyclones, and other natural disasters increases every year. The contamination of soil due to chemical fertilizer, pesticides, non-biodegradable plastics, polybags is also increasing. The soil is losing fertility. Therefore, it is the right time to act now.

Ecofriendly Advisor would like to share information about eco-friendly, biodegradable, sustainable, organic food & beauty products, and green technology. They would like to share and discuss the different features of eco-friendly products on their website. This website is designed on the WordPress platform with custom code and plugins by Nazpev Inc. You can visit the website at the following URL:

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