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Recently, we completed a website design project. The project name is the Power Padel Machali website development project. The is the official website of the Padel Club at Machali. Power Padel is a Chilean sports club specializing in tennis. It has a quiet environment, away from busy streets, surrounded by green areas, and a country atmosphere with a privileged view of the hills and mountains. Power Padel has a barbecue area, children’s game area, ping pong table, and pergolas, which allows a pleasant space for family gatherings and picnics. It has four fields of high European and international standards, with up-to-date maintenance and top-quality infrastructure. It has a sports shop with a variety of paddle tennis items, paddles, balls, sportswear, shoes, and accessories. The items from the best brands in the international market such as Bull Pádel, Sioux, etc. are also available in the shop. In addition to the racket rentals for those who do not yet have one, different food products and sports drinks are also available.

Nazpev Inc. has designed the website for Power Padel Club Machali. The website is designed on a WordPress platform with custom code and plugins. You can visit the website at the following URL: .

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